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Want to get valuable feedback for your tech product? | SurveySparrow

What is SurveySparrow?

Surveys are important for any business. Whether you're working at a startup, bigger company, or have your own tech product, it's important to get feedback and gain insights from users. Using a survey management software can be really helpful in managing your surveys: from creating surveys from templates to gathering data from results. They also offer 360 assessments, so your organization can track overall performance.

That's where SurveySparrow comes in. It's a full platform that includes:

  • Survey Software
  • Survey Chatbots
  • Audiences
  • API for Devs
  • Offline Surveys
  • Net Promoter Score Software
  • 360 Assesments

Favorite Features

Smart Surveys

These are straight-to-the-point surveys that collect precise and relevant information. These surveys change/adapt to the user who's filling them out, which will help. You can create them with conditions, add custom parameters for tracking, and pipe variables from one question to another.

Integrations, APIs and Webhooks

As a dev, this is what I was really interested in: how can I extend these surveys to work with tools and apps I already use. You can send survey responses via Slack, track data through the Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics. You can also manage your audience with Mailchimp, link your customers to Salesforce, and add real-time survey data to Google Sheets.

White-label surveys

These allow you to fully customize your surveys. As a developer, you are given near-complete control to customize your surveys with CSS. You can change the survey themes, labels, fonts, and icons to match your use case. You can personalize emails to survey respondents and change the survey URL to a custom domain that suits your brand. They offer Custom SSL, Custom Email Addresses, and SMTP Server options so you can send a large number of emails at once.

Video Surveys

Videos are extremely engaging and are much more effective compared to other types of content. You can add video content almost anywhere (Including uploading it as a background) while creating your survey. You can also mute or loop them, which is helpful!

Chatbot Surveys

These are one of the best features. You can make surveys that act as chatbots, which provide an engaging experience for the user. You can easily create these via an embed code which is automatically generated. You can fully customize these with CSS, personalize the bots to the user, and see all data in real-time.

UI / UX Overview

As a web developer, I really appreciate Clean UI and intuitive UX. SurveySparrow has a great, easy to use, and colorful platform.

This visually appealing page will walk you through all of the steps of creating a survey.

Steps to creating a Survey


Building a survey was also very straightforward. On their platform, you customize each step of their survey in a chronological table. They offer options for Building, Designing, Setting Survey Variables, Languages, and Configuration.


This is where you add your integrations, webhooks, and API configuration. They offer plenty of configurations (my preferred ones were Slack, Google Sheets, and Google Analytics). The webhooks allow you to send your survey data to external websites. As a developer, you can send surveys with an API, and also get notified when a user fills out a survey.


You have a lot of options to share your surveys. From here, you can send an email, create a URL, embed in your website or in an email, configure SMS shareable options, and they also provide Mobile SDK and Slack options (newly added).


Here, you can view both reports of your collected data, or the raw responses. You can also create your own custom reports to better segment your survey data.

Overall, it was very easy to create surveys. There were plenty of customization options that allow users to tailor surveys perfectly to their audiences.


Customer research is crucial for any business that wants to be successful. As a software developer, chances are you're working for a company that already collects surveys, or you personally have a product you're selling that you want to do research on. SurveySparrow is an all in one platform that provides the best options for collecting data from your users.

All of the surveys included with SurveySparrow

Smart Surveys

These are surveys that are dynamic and customizable to your user. The questions can be influenced by the user's previous responses, which improves data collection precision.

Video Surveys

Video surveys are extremely effective. Users collect with video more than any other type of content. These will drive more responses / better results.

Recurring Surveys

These are surveys meant to be taken daily, monthly, weekly, or quarterly. SurveySparrow easily replicates these for you to use, instead of having to create each one manually.

White-label Surveys

These surveys allow you to customize everything with your brand logos, styles, assets, and more. They offer a clean experience that fits your brand perfectly.

Conversational Forms

These are engaging surveys that have a "conversational feel" when the user is filling them out. They're personalized to the user and overall provide a better experience.

Embedded Surveys

These can be baked right into your website! Similar to inline embeds, they reduce the number of drop-offs you might have if a customer didn't want to click an external link

Mobile-First Survey

These surveys are best on mobile! They work on phones, tablets, and desktop. Over two-thirds of respondents use mobile devices, which makes these extremely effective.

Secure Surveys

These prevent spam, which can ensure that the data you're getting is valuable. SurveySparrow uses SSL as a security measure with these surveys.

If you're interested in SurveySparrow, make sure to check it out here!


(Note: This is an affiliate link, same price for you! I make a small amount of $ to help support this blog!)

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