Hot Takes, Myths, And Fake News - Why Everyone Is Wrong About DevOps (Except For Me)

Matt Stratton on October 26, 2018

(Adapted from a talk I gave at DevOpsDays Indianapolis and DevOpsDays Riga) Don't believe everything you read on the internet when it comes to D... [Read Full]
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I enjoyed that... but let's dig a little deeper as you know what you're talking about.

So, what is DevOps? I've always taken it to be that me (a developer) should take responsibility for the deployment of the code that I've written, taking over some of the operational responsibilities of someone who, once upon a time, would have been taking care of a server. This is made possible because I can control a load of virtual computers using the MAGIC CLOUD remotely hosted servers.

I think it's just another bit of the stack I get to play with. Hooray (maybe).

Something like that? Am I right?

If I am, what does it mean to only do DevOps? Are these the people building the tools I use to make doing DevOps easier?

Anyway, like I said - I enjoyed it!


Originally DevOps was posited as a cultural shift where Devs and Ops teams worked together on both the design of an application and the deployment. It's supposed to be the opposite of "throw it over the wall" where a Dev writes their program, makes sure it works on their laptop/test environment, and then gives some sort of artifact to the Ops team for them to deploy/update. In general though, it's kind of turned into what you experience with devs taking over ops, as long as those ops are "in the cloud."

I come from the other direction, background in ops. My "DevOps" work is automating bare metal server installs, writing tools to make that happen and pretty web interfaces to watch it all happen.

I personally like to think of DevOps as replacing ad-hoc commands and bash scripts with yaml.


You wrote in the section: ”Kubernetes won’t solve all your problems” that ”Docker is boring and old.”

Could you give me more light on this? I thought that Kubernetes is an orchestration framework for Docker containers. Without Docker, Kubernetes isn't needed. But maybe I'm wrong. Please correct me.


It's part of the joke. Most people not well versed in the content have wildly incorrect views of the tools and abilities of the tools.


Thanks for the great article.

Sometimes I feel that DevOps job is most difficult as compared to a programming job. In DevOps we have to take care of lots of things and there is a lack of good resource to refer on the internet.


Great article. I feel like "What will it take to get you in a devops today?" comes from being around a consultancy a bit to long :D.

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