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Discussion on: My monolith doesn't fit in your serverless

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Matthew Schwartz

You're exactly right. Human time will almost always cost more than hosting.

I'll add that "serverless" is not always cheaper than traditional hosting. By the time you hook up all the services, and require more usage than the free tier but less than the high volume discount tiers, you could end up spending around the same. The cost savings really depend on the use cases.

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Chris McKay

Don't forget that going serverless, in its current state, is also handing control over to a few companies (primarily GCP, Azure and AWS). Hosted servers give you a little more control and the freedom to jump ship to another host if something goes wrong (or prices increase).

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Gabriel Chertok Author

I agree with you. It's not something I think every day, but it's definitely true that we have less players for serverless than for regular servers.