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Discussion on: Why Vim does not fade out?

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Yasuhiro Matsumoto Author

I'm still not a heavy user of :terminal. I'm investigating what I can do on :terminal. :)

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The best about :terminal for me is that I can use vim controls to navigate and search output and also visual mode for copying output.

Also really nice is that you can define shortcuts or macros that execute things in the terminal.
When I run :terminal in a vertical split I like to use it for things like go test. Then I define a macro like this qq^Li^P^M^[^Hq and I can use @q to re run the tests.

I think it's also important to allow ESC key to get out of terminal mode:

" `ESC` in terminal to exit insert mode
" Can still escape in nested vim using ctrl-c
if has('nvim')
  tnoremap <esc> <C-\><C-n>

And I use these shortcuts to quickly open a terminal:

" Go terminal - Open a terminal v-split
nnoremap gt :term<Space>
" Opens terminal and runs selction as cmd
vnoremap gt "ty<C-W>v:term <C-R>t<CR>