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Who Should Attend Your Agile Retrospective Meetings? 🤔

Agile retrospectives are only as powerful as the people in the room. But too often, we treat attendance as an afterthought.

Big mistake. The wrong mix can tank your retro faster than you can say "action item."

So who should make the guest list?

The non-negotiables:

  1. Your core Scrum team (obvs)
  2. An impartial facilitator to keep things on track

The optional invitees:

  • A manager for 30,000 ft view
  • An SME for technical wisdom
  • Stakeholders for outside perspective

But choose wisely - too many cooks spoil the retro.

The key is balance. You want enough voices to spark insights, but not so many that it turns into a debate club.

Agile team carefully considering who to include

Nail the invite list and watch your retros level up. Get it wrong and, well... expect a lot of awkward silences.

Want to learn more? Check out the full guide for who should be attending your agile retrospectives

Your retros (and your future self) will thank you.

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