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Planning Poker Jira integration

Agile teams know the struggle of aligning on task complexities and estimations. Enter Planning Poker, a gamified way for dev teams to estimate the value of a task.

Unfortunately, these tasks are usually hosted in a separate system. However, with Kollabe's Planning Poker Jira integration, this is no longer a problem. This integration allows a seamless connection between Planning Poker and the Jira tasks. Teams can now easily estimate, discuss, and align on task complexities on Kollabe, and have everything synced back to Jira.

What makes this integration essential? It simplifies the setup process into manageable steps, allowing for seamless connection to Jira, addition of story point fields, and importing of tickets.

To dive deeper into how this integration can revolutionize your agile planning sessions and for a step-by-step guide on setting it up, head over to this detailed post.

Increase your team's efficiency and alignment with the Planning Poker Jira Integration today!

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Nice, looks really easy to setup. Will bring it up with the team and might give it a try!