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Rebecca, I'm always looking for great books too, and while searching I came across this site:


It compiles the mentions of said book on stack overflow and lists them as most mentioned to least. I've bought most of the top 10 and read the following:

-Head First Design Patterns
-Design Patterns
-Code Complete 2

I've also go these in the queue:

-Working Effectively with Legacy Code
-Clean Code

Now, this doesn't mean these are must-reads, but so far I haven't been disappointed.


Similarly I recently came across Reddit favorites, which collects mentions within Reddit.


I've never heard of dev-books.com/, but just browsed through it. It's brilliant! I will def have a second look at it. 🙌

True, must-reads are always ... ehm, how you say it, impartial?! .... depending on ones personal liking, though there are some classics that everybody should've read, I think! 😊

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