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re: Many of your arguments doesn't make much sense to me: They're also nearly always at the top of the page. That was fine when phones where smaller,...

I get where you're coming from here, and how I might look like I'm nitpicking. I am!

The thing with menu's at the top also goes for 'regular' menus; I wasn't very clear on that, my apologies. Definitely agree that a swipe from a side would be nice, but it would break convention so much that people will never figure it out. It's also used for forward/backwards navigation in most mobile browsers, so that's another hurdle.

A click/tap can really be a nuisance for a website. It depends on the implementation, of course. But I'd mostly just want to scroll down at my own leisure when I visit a page, or see content that I would click. Maybe I tap the menu button and it doesn't even give me the page I'm looking for. Maybe there's a scroll within the hamburger menu.
I know it seems nitpicky, but with nearly every site using it, it's more widespread then you might think.

This also goes into why it sucks that it's recognisable. A hamburger menu is now the default go-to option. Even if there would be a obvious better option, you won't get to implement it.


I agree that it sucks that there's not much interest in how to improve it because everybody just agreed that the hamburger is the standard and it's a waste of time trying to improve it / propose a better solution. But I guess when it comes to innovation - it's always a problem, as people need to learn it and get used to it, which takes a lot of time.

I also agree that a single click can be a nuisance and it would be great to have a solution that could allow us to get rid of it, but there are also many solutions a lot worse than the hamburger. I just found this argument to be too nitpicky 😄

If someone will propose a better alternative which would be intuitive for users and would require less interaction than the hamburger - then I'm all in of course 😃

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