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Calstats, My first iOS/Mac app is out!

Last week I finally released something I’ve been learning for and working on for the past 6 months. My first app for iOS and macOS. Made in Swift for the best native experience and performance.

CalStats helps you get insights into your events. Want to know how much you go to the gym each week? How many hours have your spent on that one client? Just enter some keywords.

There’s no need to input times; CalStats uses your existing calendars, and only counts events that you want to, using the keywords and time-spans you want.

You can visualize your data in bar charts, track goals per amount of time (week/month/year), and even export to CSV to use in your spreadsheet editor of choice.

Count on your calendar, with CalStats.

The app is 1,99 on the App Store, and you get both versions: ‎CalStats on the App Store

I’ll answer any questions about development too, I love doing that.

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Andy Piper

Interesting app, I just tried it out on my iPad :-)

I’m guessing you’re using SwiftUI to go cross-platform, did you find any challenges in making the app Mac-friendly? (I’m going to try it there too when I get back to my laptop)

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⚡️ Author

I could write a whole post about those challenges, to be honest, haha. You're correct -- I've used mostly SwiftUI to get a neat shared codebase. The most challenges came form dealing with multiple windows, and giving them different content. The way SwiftUI wants you to do multiple windows doesn't let you do some things very easily, like giving them IDs and doing commands based on which window is active. I had to resort back to AppKit for those NSWindows.