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LuckyFlow - The Basics

LuckyFlow is the browser-based testing library for Lucky. It uses headless Chrome to test your web-app as close to actual users would as possible.


# go to /users
visit Users::Index

# go to /users/:user_id with user credentials
visit Users::Show.with(, as: current_user
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Finding Elements on Page

# `el` supports normal CSS selectors
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You can also select elements by passing in text. This is helpful when there are multiple elements with the same selector but they are distinguished by their text.

el(".list-item", text: "Item 123")
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Keep in mind that el is lazy so an error won't happen if you try to find an element that doesn't exist until you try to use the result.

Note: flow-id

Beyond CSS selectors, LuckyFlow and el support a custom attribute called flow-id. This is to allow selecting elements to be more specific and less susceptible to test breakage.

# notice the usage of `@` to reference a `flow-id`
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Clicking Links

There are two ways to click an element. You can select it using el or pass a CSS selector directly to click.

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Filling Out Forms

LuckyFlow provides a nice integration with Avram, Lucky's ORM, to make filling out forms easy.

fill_form CreateUser,
  name: "John Doe",
  email: ""
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# expect the element to be displayed on the page
el("@custom-flow-id).should be_on_page

# expect the current path to match
# self is weird here because I have been showing
# all the code as if it was inside a Flow
# (more about that in a future post)
self.should have_current_path(Users::Index)

el("@custom-flow-id).should have_text("Hello, world!")
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In future posts, I want to go more in-depth on LuckyFlow and show how I use it to write clean specs.

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