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Let's list what Type Of Web Frameworks are being used

I think we all know that web application frameworks are quickly evolving, and that it often feels like a fashion industry. I think a good way to cut through the hype is to list our favorite websites and try to figure out what they are using. I appreciate anyones help, so post your findings in the comments and I will transfer them to my table. Often it is hard to tell what server side frameworks are being used so if we see html coming down in requests we will mark as server side rendering and take it from there. Client side javascript frameworks can usually be indentified by taking a look at the source. Remember, this is not what "companies" are using but what each specific web application is using. If a website is a mix of server side rendering and another js component framework, we will list that too.

For reference, here is a list of Common Frameworks for 2022.
Below is a table of our results so far.

Website Server Side HTML Primary Framework Complimentary Framework
AirBnb Y Ruby On Rails React Y Unknown
Instagram Y Django React
Spotify Y Django Jquery, WebRocketX
Stack Overflow Y
Facebook N React
VRBO Y Unknown
Taco Bell Y
Microsoft Y
Choice Advantage Y Spring MVC Jquery
Github Y Ruby on Rails Y Unknown Jquery Y Unknown Jquery
Amazon Web Services N Unknown
Gmail N Google Closure Library
Google Search N Google Closure Library
American Airlines Y Spring MVC Jquery
Bestwestern Hotels Y AEM CMS
Twitter Y Ruby On Rails
Hulu Y Ruby On Rails
Paypal N Angular (this site) Y Ruby On Rails
Turbotax Y Spring MVC
Zillow Y Spring MVC
Linkedin N dust.js
Wells Fargo Y Spring MVC Jquery
Delta Airlines N Angular
AutoClerk Y Struts 2 Jquery
GoToMeeting Web N React
Toyota SalesConnect Y Spring MVC Jquery, WebRocketX
WordPress Y RokkoMVC Jquery
Washington Post Y Django
Nasa Y Django
Reddit Y Django

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matthewekeller Author

Looks like we completely missed Django. Adding that now.

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Chandrakant Sangale

React is library. To make serverside html for react there are gatsby and nextjs or for vue framework there is nuxt.

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Alex Lohr

GoToMeeting Web uses React.

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matthewekeller Author


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Henrik VT

Forem, the software on which is based, is created with Ruby On Rails.
As for the AWS website, I’m pretty sure it’s react.

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matthewekeller Author

Thanks I'll update Couldn't see any evidence of React in AWS. I think maybe its something home grown.

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