Discussion on: What is your preferred Tech Stack?

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Matthew Daly

I spent four years at an agency that did mostly Phonegap apps, and at the time my preferred stack was:

  • Django and Django REST Framework for the API
  • PostgreSQL and Redis as data stores
  • Angular 1 for the app

In 2015 another dev joined and given that I was the only dev of three who knew Python, I felt we needed to standardize our back ends so someone else could pick it up if I got hit by a bus, so we decided to go with Laravel for future development since we all knew PHP.

Later, after leaving that place, I switched from Angular to React. I'm currently building an app with the following stack:

  • Laravel
  • GraphQL
  • MariaDB
  • Redis
  • React

I'd prefer to use Postgres over MariaDB, but otherwise it's my preferred stack.