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Discussion on: New Mac Config

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Matt Houghton Author


Yes I've been meaning to document the steps for a while and now I've been forced into it.

My previous model is a 2018 Mac MBP. Not that old really but it is on all the time. I also noticed the Chrome thing for quite a while.

The crunch point came last week when I was trying to use the machine on its own. I normally work at a desk with a few screens. Without the external displays I managed to get about 10-15 minutes work done and then the built in display would just switch off.

At this point it would cool down a little and I started to get the warning on the battery icon saying "service recommended".

I also had the kernel_task process running a lot and consuming CPU which when I googled is apples way of trying to prevent overheating.

All these things combined and work were kind enough to swap it out for another unit they had in stock. :-)