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Installing yay on Arch Linux

Yay is an AUR helper that you can use as a replacement for yaourt (deprecated). It's not available in the Arch Linux repositories. So If you recently installed Arch, you can follow the instructions in the GitHub repository.


First of all, you need to clone the PKGBUILD and run makepkg script for building the package.


Git is a dependency of yay and installations from AUR are made through a fakeroot environment, so you need to install both packages. On a new Arch installation, Git and fakeroot are not installed by default, and you also need git to clone the PKGBUILD from AUR.

For using makepkg, its dependencies need to be installed. You can install the base-devel package group which includes binutills, make, gcc, fakeroot or install them individually.


$ sudo pacman -S git
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$ sudo pacman -S base-devel
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binutils, make, gcc, fakeroot:

$ sudo pacman -S binutils make gcc fakeroot
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Install yay

$ git clone
$ cd yay
$ makepkg -si
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Yay is installed and you can get packages directly from AUR using this helper.

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cromatikap profile image

Not anymore, I'm doing a fresh install and sudo pacman -S yay says error: target not found

The only way is to git clone nowaday

mattdark profile image
Mario García

Thank you so much for sharing

zaphnath7 profile image
Edmond CH

Please,any help. I can't install yay on Arch Linux on PS4. #makepkg -si
''file /var/cache/pacman/pkg/go-2:1.17.8-1-×86_64.pkg.tar.zst is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature))"