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Discussion on: What apps, software, or tools do you use and why?

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Matthew Bidewell

My IDE/Text editor:
First choice is Atom for anything where I dont need a complex editor. However since I develop Android apps then my first stop for that is Android Studio, general Java I use IntelliJ. Used to use Netbeans however moved over when I started using Android Studio.

Photo manipulation:
Bitmap: Photoshop- Have CS6 (Cracked version) I will purchase the full suit one day, however this will do for now.

Vector: Inkscape, I want Sketch or Illustrator however money is the main issue.

iTerm2 for terminal stuff.

Any sort of application to help the eyes too, at the moment im using f.lux. I'm more of a morning person and start developing around 545am so anything better on the eyes helps stop headaches etc.

Communication: Slack and Hangouts for the win!

Music: Spotify, I can just hit play and not worry too much.

Organisation: Google Keep and Trello.