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Matt seymour
Matt seymour

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With so much doom and gloom about at the moment lets all share something positive.

Unless you have been living under a hill for the last couple of months; you may have heard lots of doom and gloom stories. Let us share some positive and good news with each other.

This may or may not be tech-related. Let's be positive.

Stay safe.

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Matthias Fluor

I'll contribute as well maybe.
I'm a scientific researcher in the field of computational linguistics and slowly transitioning into a full-time musician/composer career.
So far, work in music has been few and far between - paid work that is.
And, since a ton of things changed obviously right now, I got a beautiful uplifting moment when I checked placements of my music in TV shows - and I saw a lot popping up the last few days. So some nice editor chose to put my stuff in it, which in turn means I get royalties paid out for the airtime.

So, in short - my future career became more realistic and viable right now, funnily enough, during this crisis :-)

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Matt seymour

I will start with my good news.

After crashing on my bike earlier in the year (quite hard, I got a nice bleed on the brain) I feel I am now fighting fit. Weirdly it was not the head injury that took the longest to heal, it was my wrist. But 3 months on I feel good.
The other positive to come out of the accident is I have taught myself to touch type correctly (after 15+ years) after typing in what I call developer mode. This is where my hands are one key too far to the right (it gives better access to special characters). A small silver lining.

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Audrey Roy Greenfeld

I found a bunch of my old coding projects that I thought I had completely lost. They were on a decade-old Ubuntu 9.04 laptop in the garage. I didn't think the laptop would even boot up, but it did.

I even found a cute game I had been working on, which I had intended to be for little kids...I didn't have kids at the time, but now I have a toddler and a reason to finish coding it up.