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Discussion on: I’m sorry, but this “Full Stack” meme makes me really mad/sad

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Matheus Adorni Dardenne

Jokes aside the meme seems accurate, though. I think people mistake "fullstack developer" with "perfect developer". For me, and I realize this definition might not be accurate at large, the concept of being fullstack means I can deliver a whole application on my own if needed be; can design it and it's database, develop it back and front, then deploy it. It must be working, not perfect, you don't need to be a master in any of those, but you must at least "talk the language" of each, that way you can be part of any team or even go solo, that's how I interpret the "full" in fullstack.

For me, whilst I know my way around Vue, Bootstrap and whatnot, I definitely am not a "web designer"; my apps are always functional and have a solid backend with optimized queries and indexed tables, but they always have that crude "bootstrapy" feel, and almost no images. No one has to be perfect at anything, less yet at everything.

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Cubicle Buddha Author

Thank you for your response Matheus. I love your quote about self-acceptance:

No one has to be perfect at anything, less yet at everything.

This is exactly the message I wanted to make when I started blogging. I have a couple of articles in the queue about this very important point. Thank you for highlighting it. :)