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re: I did not ask this question either (I'm retired now...), instead I always asked it straight: "so, what do you know about the company?" The candida...

I think it's mostly because it is the companies that show interest in hiring me nowadays, not the other way around, but I usually don't do this.

Even when I wasn't a senior dev and had to hussle for an opportunity, I used to fire hundreds of resumes to hundreds of companies through several different platforms and never had the time to meticulously analyse each one of them.

What I would do, when the e-mail/call about the interview came, was just scroll their website to have a vague notion about what they did (and decide if that even interested me at all), but I would hardly call that "research" or "doing the homework". During the interview, if that question was asked, I would just say "I know you're an X company, but tell me a bit about what really happens around here", and I never felt it had a negative impact on how the interview went.


Great point Mathews!!

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