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Azure API Management Basic v2 and Standard v2 pricing tiers

Last week Microsoft published new Api Management tiers. In addition to the current tiers (Consumption, Developer, Basic, Standard and Premium) we can now select Basic v2 or Standard v2 tier.

The new tiers are based on new architecture and provides faster deployment and scaling. Now you can deploy an new instance in minutes rather than hours.

Basic v2 and Standard v2 tiers are in preview phase so it is not recommend to use these in production. You can use Azure Portal or Bicep (api version 2023-03-01-preview) to create Api Management instances.


Here is key features what Basic v2 and Standard v2 provides for us.

  • Faster deployment and scale
    • You can deploy new instance in minutes.
    • Scale Basic and Standard v2 up to 10 scale units
  • Private networking
    • Standard v2 supports VNet integration to secure outbound traffic. This allows to connect backends what are located in virtual network or in on-premise (via vpn)
  • 99.95% SLA
  • Developer portal

Both tiers have public IP address. To secure inbound traffic you need to use Private Link what is not yet available.


The pricing of new tiers are moderately affordable. Example Standard v2 is €0.912239 per hour and you will a virtual network integration what previosly only available in Premium tier. Pricing of Premium tier is €3.65 per hours so Standard v2 is 4 times cheaper. Now even small organisations can consider Api Management and deploy backends to private network.

Basic v2 is cheaper and cost is only €0.195482 per hour. Basic v2 is intended for small teams and projects.

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