Hi, I'm Matías Mascazzini from Argentina

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I have been coding for 5 years, before I done a lot of others kind IT work.

You can find me on Twitter as @matiasmasca

I live in Corrientes city (Argentina).

I work for Terciar, a freelance network

I mostly program in these languages: Ruby, Clojure & ClojureScript.

I am currently learning more about Functional programing, Clojure & ClojureScript and English.

I run a not-profit organization, called ComunidadTIC, and we organized a lot of free tech events in my region over the past 10 years (hackathons, barcamp, meetups, codelab, arduinoday, coderetreat ...)

Nice to meet you.


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Hey Matías,

Thanks for the intro and welcome to dev.to. Check out the Ruby tag for articles you might find relevant, and also consider contributing to it!