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Discussion on: Receive Data without $_GET,$_POST AND $_REQUEST

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Thanks for the explanation, I guess there are different use cases for php://input then.

P.S. Now I'm curious what happens when you have the same var name in GET and POST at the same time.

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You will have $_GET['var'] and $_POST['var']. No problems.

$_GET and $_POST are arrays, so you will have no issues for them containing the same variable names.

However, if register_globals was ON (which is removed as of PHP 5.4), then you would look at the variables_order (EGPCS for example). In case it was EGPCS, then Post comes after Get, so the value of $var will be that of $_POST['var'].

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David J Eddy

That's a good question, I would imagine it would depend on how the application handles global vars and in which order.