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First program with GUI: Roll a dice

This times is to record a memorable day for me to create a program which look closer to what will be usable in real life.


This program is to act like a 6-face dice, when you press the button, a number will be randomly picked from 1 to 6 and display it

import random
import tkinter as tk

def random_a_num():
    value = int(random.randrange(1, 7))
    lbl_value["text"] = f"{value}"

window = tk.Tk()

window.rowconfigure([0, 1], minsize=50, weight=1)
window.columnconfigure(0, minsize=50, weight=1)

btn_roll = tk.Button(master=window, text="Roll", command=random_a_num)
btn_roll.grid(row=0, column=0, sticky="nsew")

lbl_value = tk.Label(master=window, text="0")
lbl_value.grid(row=1, column=0, sticky="nsew")

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A program with one button and one label


I have learned a lot of useful basic syntax and concept in tkinter module. When the interface comes out and it works, I feel like my excitement on learning coding has increase a lot. More confidence to go on the learning path.

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Chris Greening

Congratulations!!! Projects like this are a fantastic way to learn new concepts, keep up the great work :D

mathewchan profile image
HHMathewChan Author

thank you!