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Matheus Maximiliano
Matheus Maximiliano

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3 Extensions from chrome web store

if have one thing that help me day-a-day and I don't open my hand is my extensions, and always that i change my computer or browser, I install again they.

  1. In first is the Wappalyzer, is it very interesting to know what type of tecnologys is used in a site, for it does so by you have a notion that how the market is using, as well as does from you get a reference for your projects.


  1. The JSON Viewer, this one I don't have words, simply awesome, it make it easy see JSON docs inside in your browser, as well as the dark theme that not make you blind while you open the archive. 🤣

JSON Viewer

  1. In finally the most be used for me, CSS Peeper, simply the best of all extensions in this post, completed, with loved designer, easily use, as well be extreme useful to capture colors, and sizes like a height and weight from a element.

CSS Peeper
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Gabriel Gomes de Oliveira

Eu já uso a json viewer, mas as outras duas ainda não conhecia, bem maneiras