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Jupyter Notebook Cheat Sheet

Jupyter Notebook Cheat Sheet

Hello guys, happy to be back to another post!

Today i will talk about something useful and not at all complex. It's more about helpful tips.

I was learning python and was using Jupyter Notebook, so i needed to learn the shortcuts to use it, so...

Here are some of the most used shortcuts for the jupyter notebook.

Shift-Enter: Run the cell selected and select below the cell you are currently in.

Ctrl-Enter: Run the cell selected, but don't jump to the next cell.

Alt-Enter: Run the cell selected and insert below.

Y: Code

M: Markdown.

R: Raw.

1 to 6: Headings.

A/B: Insert cell Above/Below.

X: Cut selected cell.

C: Copy selected cell.

Shift + V: Paste cell above.

V: Paste cell below.

Z: Undo last cell deletion.

D,D: Delete selected cell.

O: Toggle output.

Shift+O: Toggle output scrolling.

Ctrl + ]: Indent.

Ctrl + [: Dedent.

I think this are the most common and most used, hope it was useful!

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