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Matheus Calegaro
Matheus Calegaro

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Tips on how to write a technical book

I did a talk about React at my job and everyone really enjoyed the content and the way it was presented. I'm happy with the feedback and felt inspired to continue learning and teaching on this subject. That's when I had the idea to write a book.

I'm passionate about education and software development and I'm always trying to learn something new every day. Because of this, I feel that I can't keep what I learned just for me, I feel that I have to share it in the best way possible, so more people can learn and improve their skills.

Today I have about 4 years of professional experience, and it worries me if people would be interested in my book, since I do not have such a strong name in the community. I also don't know about proper writing, formatting, publishing and pricing.

I'm thinking about a big tutorial, but organized in chapters with (no so deep) clear explanations. Is this "tutorial" mindset the same for a book?

Any tip will be welcome!

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Fabian Holzer

Maybe you could ping someone who has already gone through the process, for example @remojansen , who has published an article about the creation process of his book a while ago, which you might find interesting:

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