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What should we REALLY be doing these days

math3v profile image Matej Minárik ・2 min read

Spoiler alert: Stay sane!

No, this is not another “what to do at home” or “how to be productive at home” article. I believe those only add up to the unprecedented anxiety most of the population is experiencing these days anyway.

I think we all need to first take a step back. Embrace the gratitude, because most of the population is still healthy. Be thankful, that we're not fighting each other. We don't have an ongoing war and we're not trying to destroy one another.

Instead, we are fighting together as a team. Isn't this beautiful? Whenever this crisis ends, it will spill us out stronger, more united and more humane.

So, don't try to satisfy your managers by being productive at home, while trying to juggle your kids, cooking, shopping, cleaning together with your anxiety, unease and fear.

Nobody can expect the same level of productivity from you if you worked for the past X years from the office. Especially given all the horrible news we're facing everyday and certainly not together with all the online meetings which try to keep the business as usual. Fuck that!

What should you really focus on:

  • have some "you-time". Ask yourself how do you really feel and what could comfort you.
  • talk to your significant other. How is he/she handling it and what can you do to help?
  • talk to your parents/grandparents. Pick up the phone, tell them you are doing just fine and listen to whatever they have to say.
  • take a walk. While we still can.
  • read a book, watch a movie, learn new skill (cooking), clean, play, write, paint, create and procreate.

This is not a promo but if you're interested how to handle the remote work, just read these amazing books from Basecamp, understand the principles and apply them to your company.

Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

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