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re: Server Side Rendering vs Static Site Generation VIEW POST

re: What about the Netlify CMS? Aren't you guys trying to do the same?

No, it's different: in NetlifyCMS you edit the content in a form and you have the preview on the side. With React Bricks you edit directly the content through the React components created by you (using React Bricks WYSIWYG components Text, RichText, Image) and the editing page is really the same as what you'll get in the frontend, because the frontend is created by React Bricks's Viewer component.
We have prepared starters for both Gatsby and Next.js.

What's more, you don't have to use components like Gatsby Image, because React Bricks has its own cross-platform Image component (with lazyload, srcSet, etc.).

Migrating from Gatsby to Next or viceversa is just a matter of cloning another starter, copying ApiKey and AppId and the block schema.

BTW, we are launching tomorrow in beta!! :)

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