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Notes on Databases and SQL Commands for Reference

  • Databases are a great tool to outsource the work of making a ruby file, CSV, or PStore
  • Databases are seperate from apps themselves, so any language apps can use any databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.)
  • The interface to databases is text
    • Dont usually come with a GUI (graphical user interface) Regional databses (which powers most apps) use a special language called SQL (stuctural query language)

Working directly with Postgres

  • Great one to use cause it is already installed on codespaces in github.
  • Commands to set up a table
    • psql
      • If this command went well, we should see postgres=#
    • \list
      • displays all current databases on this computer
      • the name of the database should be snake_case
    • \connet my-db
      • to enter databases
    • \dt
      • lists all the tables in the db, this means “describe tables”. the realtion comes from the term “relational databases” a ‘relation’ is a set of multiple records. not related to “relationships”, in the context of one to many, or many to many, or one to one
    • CREATE TABLE contacts (
      • first_name TEXT,
      • last_name TEXT,
      • date_of_birth DATE )
      • standard creation of a contact for use
  • SELECT first_name, last_name FROM contacts
    • use * instead to see all
  • INSERT INTO contacts(all the values above)VALUES ('mary', 'webby', '1999, 29, 12')
    • place single quotes around each intserted value.

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