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First smart contract based on NFT signed in Kazakhstan

ilink's software developers and the Association of the Blockchain Industry and Data Centers in Kazakhstan have signed an agreement, a part of which was made into a smart contract by minting part of the contract as a non-fungible token(NFT) and connecting it with a smart contract. The main purpose of this agreement and contract is to establish an educational program focused on the blockchain sphere.

A smart contract is a digital contract that ensures the automatic fulfillment of predetermined conditions and obligations in an online environment. The significance of this smart contract lies in its status as the first NFT-based contract in Kazakhstan, showcasing the potential of conducting transactions using modern technologies.

The developers emphasize the importance of education in the blockchain field, given the increasing prominence of digital assets in Kazakhstan and globally. To avoid a shortage of skilled personnel when smart contracts become the new norm for transactions in the near future, it is crucial to start training specialists in blockchain development now.

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