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I'm not sure how you made your conclusion based on, Did you check Laraship eCommerce?

Laraship e-commerce: Elite Laravel Online Store with amazing features

it has 4 demos available


one of its features :

1) Multiple Themes Available

2) More than 10 Payment Gateways

3) Latest Laravel 5.7 version with Bootstrap 4 themes

4) Powerful Search Engine

5) Marketplace Multi-Vendor Version

6) Simple - Variable - Bundled - Digital - Content Access Product Types

7) Premium Support with QA forum


Stop spamming your commercial junk. The 3 mentioned OSS projects are in a totally different league in terms of code quality, architecture, featureset and robustness. Laraship (like most shitty products on codecanyon) is a simple product, perhaps suitable for a quick-n-dirty one-off project, but it cannot even remotely compete with the projects the post mentions.


Is Laraship an open source project?


No, I think you havent specified whether opensource or not, also the cost is $39 include 6 monthes support

Thanks for the information.

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