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What analytics matter?

If you are building an interactive web app. Everyone will attach some sort of Google analytics or Full Story but besides the amount of people going to your site. What should be the metrics to use? In various projects, I have tied all buttons for analytics, but never really had to digest that data. What is important and what isn't?

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Adam Crockett

It's not about quantity, it's quality. What was the quality of the experience?

Did the user scroll bellow the fold?
How did they navigate?
Where did they go?
Where did they come from?
Can we get in thier heads?
Screen size?
Did my UI work as intended?

So much more. Instead of asking about metrics, ask yourself, who where they?

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martin rojas

I like the way that you have framed the questions and I think it will be interesting to find the Analytic metrics that answer those questions