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Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak dashboard

TLDR, I've built a Coronavirus COVID-19 dashboard here

COVID-19 outbreak is not a hoax anymore

I've seen people around calling it "just-another-flu". And to be honest, I was thinking the same, until 3 weeks ago, when Italy started to see growing COVID-19 clusters. And 2 weeks ago, Italy went full nation lockdown. Our life changed completely.

Lacking information

We've seen what happened in Wuhan, China, in Korea. But we never thought it would happen here.
We didn't know what to protect ourselves.
We lost in fake news, in fake articles (I saw some articles on Facebook, saying hand dryers can kill the viruses!)

That's why I've decided to build a COVID-19 dashboard

I want to update the current situation to everyone, in every country. So people can see what's happening with other countries, and understand that it will happen in their country as well.

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

I want to put trusted information from WHO and universities, experts. To help people protect themselves and their family.

Alt Text

Don't forget, our country is fully locked down, in just 3 weeks.

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Joe Hobot

Nice work man!