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Martin Lindgren
Martin Lindgren

Posted on - Follow your favourite streamers

I have been working on this hobby project on and off for some time now. But lately I have put some extra work in to it to get it to a beta stage ( and not die the side project death ).

Essentially is a platform where you can follow your favorite (Twitch) streamers, and get all content from their social platforms ( YouTube, Twitter, Twitch etc ) in to one feed. As well as separate feeds for a single streamer.

I will try to write some more here on how everything is setup, but essentially the platform consists of

  • Hasura as GraphQL back end
  • Queue to handle all workload ( Node & Bull.js )
  • Node "worker" service to process all jobs, and collect all data.
  • One Cloudflare Worker instance.
  • A simple React client.

The Hasura GraphQL engine is deployed on a Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster. The queue service and worker service is deployed using DO's droplets.
And the React client is deployed and hosted using Netlify.
Some load-balancers and firewalls are setup on DO as well.

You can test the beta at

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