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Hello 👋🏻

I'm Martin, a UK based Web Developer and AWS consultant.

I've been a member of this community for 4 years now, but purely in read-only mode I'm afraid. Recent events have made me reconsider my online profile and I'm trying to take more ownership of my content.

Still dipping-my-toe into, but hope to make it a more regular fixture in 2023.

I've just published a handful of back-dated posts from my personal website - - over here as a starter for ten.

1. A look into a brilliant new Web Component based web framework - Enhance

2. Some brief thoughts on why I'm excited about a shift towards web-platform first principles

3. A guide to using 11ty's upcoming 2.0 version along with their new templating language, WebC

Looking forward to becoming more active in the community.

Thanks for having me :)

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