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re: Honestly if I didn’t need to build out a personal site that will — eventually — contain more than just my articles I’d chosen to do just that, blog...

I’ve begun to realize that there’s an advantage to a language that requires you to think through things first.

I could not agree more. C, for all the merits it provides, is not for me, but I'd take a strongly statically typed language over e.g. Python any day.

Yeah, I’ve loved and used Python for years, but there are just so many ways it enables bad code. You’ve got to rigorously out-think your own worst instincts, and you never really feel confident that you’ve caught all the stupid with tests.

I’ve also never felt like I’m anywhere near omnipotent enough to work in C — nevermind assembly — ever since I read about the Therac-25 and it dawned on me that incrementing an int instead of explicitly setting it to 0 or 1 could kill people!

Lately I’ve picked up Rust, which has me super excited... nowhere near as easy as Python, nowhere near as dangerous as C... I just wish it were more mature. After the 2->3 debacle in Python I’ve begun to feel that languages shouldn’t change much at all once they’ve gotten a certain amount of traction. I’m hoping Rust calms down more and more quickly over the next few years.

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