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I am working on a prototype to workout an idea my girlfriend is having. I am proficient with Spring (and Java or Kotlin), but she only works with Python. Now I want to make it possible for her to work on it too with some help from me.

How do you cope with those projects? I am looking at using Rails, but I suspect the prototype to become a real product (or at least one we are heavily going to work on). What is your suggestion on approach?

I am not really concerned about performance, I just want to keep the code clean so do a rewrite is not that hard in the future. So a clean monolithic setup is the way to go for me. Do you know where I can find information regarding raw performance of both frameworks?

Rails is nice because I can setup a lot of code via the CLI and get a lot of boilerplate code out of the box. Spring is useful as there is a lot of documentation and it quite an industry standard.

In both frameworks I am going to incorporate some frontend framework (React or Vue, that is also a choice to make.. What would you choose?).

What would you choose when starting a new project when you Spring knowledge and not that much Rails knowledge but like the Rails approach.

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