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Maven or Gradle?

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Currently, I am migrating from Java to Kotlin. One of the changes I am not making is to move from Maven to Gradle. This is something we should probably discuss company wide to do or not.

I am curious about your thoughts, which do you prefer: Maven or Gradle? What made you to move? Or did you switch back?

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I vastly prefer Gradle over Maven, for a lot of reasons.

The first one is the clearness of the Groovy language compared to the hellish XML configuration.

The second one is the clearness and the breeze it is to define run task dependencies and such.

Most gradle plugins' docs are also vastly superior to those from Maven (looking at you, Codehaus mojo hell).


I would prefer Gradle over Maven anytime,the clear syntax is one of the big problems for me. Concerning the utility I still haven't dug too deep insight complex projects to really compare that aspect of things.


If this project is an Android, then exactly Gradle.


On a personal project, anything but maven. On a company project, nothing but maven.

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