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Marco Suárez
Marco Suárez

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So no one's gonna ask? Ok... Should I learn Vue.js before Vue.js 2?

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Víctor Adrián • Edited

No no, go directly for the bleeding edge stuff always. Unless you work on an "enterprise" setting. ;)

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Guido Vizoso

All the documentation and core concepts are well explained in Vue2 and how you work with it is not that different. The differences are that Vue2 is enhanced under the hood and a few extra funcionalities that comes handy.

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No. You can skip vue 1

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aurel kurtula

I haven't been keeping up with vue but I think as with everything, if the latest version is stable and therefore the community has no reason not to use it, then learn the latest version.

Though I can't say I am really experienced in many frameworks, I would guess that learning what you might need to know if you ever work with earlier versions is going to be easy.

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Henry Chavez

No, I started with Vue 2 and I love it :D

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Art Dahm

No, but you should be aware of the differences so that when you run across examples that use parts of Vue 1 that are no longer in Vue 2 ($broadcast and $dispatch for example) you'll know to avoid them or adapt them.

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JR Saucedo

Go directly to Vue 2

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Alireza Razavi


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rhymes • Edited


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Itachi Uchiha

I think you should learn vue.js 2. Because vue developers always will talk about vue 2. which means all new modules will create vue 2 (maybe. I thought)

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Joshua Johnson • Edited

Will you ever use Vue.js 1? If you or the org you work for is going to adapt 2 then just learn 2. No need to learn 1 if you don't want to.