Continuous Delivery Patterns with Serverless Applications

Marko Anastasov on August 30, 2018

Adoption of serverless technology is surely growing, with emerging product companies who built on top of it. CloudZero recently wrote a detailed... [Read Full]
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Serverless applications don't have separate "build" and "deploy" steps, since there's no artifact that developers need to manage

The C# Lambda I have where the build uses the aws cli to package the zip as an artifact begs to differ.


If you're managing that artifact directly then maybe you're not using a framework to delegate that job?


I wrote the bit to deploy, using cake (serverless using the AWS definition), someone else is porting to serverless ( There's still the build step, even if the artifacts become 100% handled by


Here are some situations:

  • You're unfamiliar with observability and monitoring challenges that come with an entirely event-based system
  • Latency / cold start is an issue
  • You plan to ship an on-promise version of the product
  • The functionality that you're building can't be broken down into single, easily composable functions
  • Language / stack you want to use is not supported
  • You need a long running task that you can’t split into multiple smaller ones
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