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Why is learning statistics (slightly) important for programmers?

Statistics is a set of mathematical equations used to analyze data, a simple definition I found on the internet. We live in an ever-growing world that needs information to process each step. Hence, correct data and Statistic concepts have become the need of the hour, especially when there is so much data gathered. While it is mostly considered a branch of mathematics, stats are now also important in the computer programming world. Most Python developers learn Statistics to enhance their careers in machine learning or data science. So, here are present some important reasons why basic statistics knowledge is required for an intermediate level developer in this new age.

Statistics help in data visualization

Data visualization is linked to all business needs and is one of the most critical aspects of business functioning. With the rise of data analysis, most data is now collected and processed by computers. Now, if you want to present these data, you need some visualization, and these types of tools require stats knowledge. From industries like healthcare to automobiles, data visualization is of rising importance. So, in the future, programmers might have to do a double-job now. Also, a statistical programmer holds an integral role in his organization because he can manage backend development and interact with data managers and make decisions.

Statistics is used in Mathematics

Statistics is an essential part of basic Mathematics and the advanced mathematical theory of Integration and Measures. The increasing use of Mathematics and data is building new ways for the industry. Moreover, programmers also need to learn Mathematics and Statistics to be able to draw their data and present them in a systematic manner. Applied Mathematics is the branch of Statistics that specializes in data, and computational mathematics is based on advanced Statistics. Therefore, it is essential for programmers to learn Statistics and further their careers. Statistics help with analyzing and tabulating your results for better decision making. Hence, companies prefer people who are well versed in both Programming and Statistics and can do both the jobs properly. Now, I know most students, when this subject in college, they completely hate it & only study enough to get decent grades. I see many students confused with their assignments. While you can take help from your friend, an online statistics tutor can also assist you in solving your homework, which you can easily find online.

Statistics broadens your horizon

A Statistical background broadens your horizon and helps in an easier understanding of algorithms and statistical properties that form the programming's backbone. With Statistics, programmers can convert their backend inputs and raw data with reports and other visualization tools. When there are unstructured data, you can use natural language processing to convert into presentable data and analyze it better. Hence, learning Statistics with programming broadens your horizon and helps you in umpteen ways.

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