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8 Reasons to Learn C++

Many modern systems, such as operating systems, web browsers, databases, and so on, have C++ code in at least some part of their codebase. Furthermore, owing of its speed, C++ is very beneficial in performance-critical domains.

The top 8 reasons to learn C++ are listed below, taking into account its popularity and relevance:

1. C++'s High Salary and Popularity
C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages on the planet. It is used by 4.4 million developers all over the world. C++ Developers are also in high demand, and they have some of the highest-paying professions in the sector, with an average annual base pay of $103, 035.

2.Variety of Projects

You can complete a variety of projects to practice C++, ranging from simple to advanced. Each of C++ projects will teach you something new, ensuring that you are well-versed in the most crucial concepts that will come in helpful when working on real-world projects.

3. C++ has a huge user base

A big online community of C++ users and professionals is especially helpful in the event that assistance is required. On the internet, there are numerous resources for C++, such as GeeksforGeeks and others. StackOverflow,, Standard C++, and others are some of the other online resources for C++.

4. Databases and C++
Many current databases are written in C++, including MySQL, MongoDB, MemSQL, and others. This is due to the fact that C++ is relatively current and offers features such as exceptions, lambda expressions, and so on. Many databases created in C++ are utilized in practically all current apps, including YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. Operating Systems and C++

Windows, Linux, Android, Ubuntu, iOS, and other major operating systems are written in a blend of C and C++. The Windows programs are written in C++, whilst the Android applications are created in Java with C/C++ support using non-default run-times. C++ can also be used to create the core of iOS applications.

Because of the speed and strictly typed nature of C and C++, they are commonly employed in operating systems.

6. Graphics with C++

Because of its speed, C++ is used in applications that require graphics, such as digital image processing, computer vision, and screen recording programs. This can also apply to a variety of games in which graphics play a significant role.

7. Embedded Systems and C++

Because C++ is closer to the hardware level, it is particularly effective in embedded systems, where the software and hardware are tightly connected. C++ is used in many embedded devices, including smart watches, MP3 players, GPS systems, and so on.

8. C++ is a portable language

C++ programs can be transferred from one platform to another. This is one of the key reasons why C++ is frequently used in applications that require multi-platform or multi-device development.


C++ is a universal programming language that is mostly utilized in systems programming and embedded systems. System programming refers to the process of creating operating systems and drivers that interact with hardware. Automobiles, robotics, and appliances are examples of embedded systems. It has a larger or more diverse community of developers, which facilitates the hiring of developers and the development of online solutions.

Because of its security and features, C++ is touted to as the safest language. It is the first language that each developer should learn if they want to work with programming languages. It's simple to learn because it's a concept-based language. Its syntax is basic, making it simple to write or develop, and faults are straightforward to reproduce. Programmers preferred to master C++ first before moving on to other languages. However, most developers prefer C++ because of its vast range of applications and compatibility with a number of systems and software.

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