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Mark Erikson
Mark Erikson

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The Obligatory introduction

I'm a (mostly web) dev in southwest Ohio. I'm a Redux maintainer, and write lots of stuff about React, Redux, and more.

I keep a big list of links on React, Redux, at related topics, at , as well as a list of Redux addons at .

I blog at , and am on Twitter at @acemarke .

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Ben Halpern

So good to have you, Mark! Please feel free to cross-post any of your blog posts to if you want the community to read and comment on your work. It's great stuff and we'd be glad to feature it. ✌️

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Mark Erikson


Appreciate the invite, but I'm not sure I want to cross-post at the moment. I'm trying to keep traffic on my own personal blog for now. (Not completely obsessed with analytics numbers right n.... oh, wait, guess I am :) )

Also, side note: I realize this probably falls under "Browsers we don't support", but in FF43, clicking the "Reply" button to reply to a comment changes the URL, but doesn't open up a comment box. Looking in the console, I see this error:

no element found 1483495593502:1:1
ReferenceError: event is not defined

Clicking the "Reply" button works in current Chrome. (Yeah, yeah, shame on me for not keeping my FF up to date, but I'm still reliant on certain extensions.)