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Hi, I'm a Redux maintainer.

I can assure you that Redux is not "deprecated", "dead", or "dying". Also, while Context is useful, it is not a replacement for Redux.

Redux will continue to be very relevant and useful for a long time. It's currently used by 50% of React apps, and lots of folks are continuing to learn it on a daily basis.

I covered this and a number of reasons to use Redux in my Reactathon 2019 talk on "The State of Redux", and my post Redux - Not Dead Yet!.


  • Consistent architectural patterns
  • Debugging capabilities
  • Middleware
  • Addons and extensibility
  • Cross-platform and cross-framework usage
  • Depending on your app's setup, much better performance than working with just Context

Related to that, you might also want to read through these resources:

In addition, our new Redux Toolkit package is now our recommended approach for writing Redux logic. It includes utilities to simplify several common Redux use cases, including store setup, defining reducers, immutable update logic, and even creating entire "slices" of state at once.


Thanks for the resources, Mark! I will surely read and search more about it

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