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Announcing the new "Redux Fundamentals" core docs tutorial!

I'm very excited to announce that:

πŸ“–πŸ“–The new "Redux Fundamentals" core docs tutorial is LIVE!πŸ“–πŸ“–

This is a complete rewrite of the old "Basics/Advanced" tutorial, and teaches "how Redux works and how to use it" from the ground up:

The goals for the rewrite were:

  • Improve explanations
  • Drop outdated references ("Flux", "container components")
  • Show simpler patterns (inline action types, single-file logic)
  • Explain how Redux works "bottom-up"
  • Teach modern practices
  • Show how Redux Toolkit simplifies Redux logic

The tutorial still builds a todo example app, but it's now a real app that gets bigger as the tutorial goes along and is used to demonstrate all concepts including async logic.

We've got numerous CodeSandboxes throughout the tutorial showing the changes at different steps.

This effort pairs with our "Redux Essentials" tutorial, which teaches "how to use Redux, the right way" for real-world usage.

Like with the "Essentials" tutorial, each page now starts with "What You'll Learn" and ends with "What You've Learned" summaries. There's callout boxes with links to more info, and expandable "Detailed Explanation" sections that give more background.

All of the old tutorial pages have been removed entirely, and we've added redirects pointing to matching content in the new "Fundamentals" pages instead.

That completes the effort to rewrite our tutorials, but there's still a lot more docs work left to do! We've got many more pages that need to be updated / reorganized, and we want to add new material as well.

If you'd like to contribute, see this issue:

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miku86 profile image

Hey Mark,

that's awesome!
Although I enjoyed the old tutorial,
I will check it out.

Keep up the great work!