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Mark Adel
Mark Adel

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What are the things to consider while buying a computer chair?

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Robert Leachman

I've spent quite a bit of time and money to decide on this list:

  • Get a "task" chair not an "executive" chair, the former has removable arms. Take those off.
  • Wheels, and if needed a chair mat, so the thing rolls easily.
  • Only need two paddles: up/down and tilt/no-tilt.
  • Keep shopping until you find one super comfortable in your price range.
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Michael Otu

my chair that I have is not adjustable - I don't like it but it is what I could have affordable at that time. So the second thing if you can afford the type you want. My chair has no wheels, I have to push it forth and back - it created some demarcations on the floor. So consider a wheel chair (chair with rollers). My chair has no arms. My arm hangs while moving the mouse - consider it has arms and it should be adjustable too. Also your body size and weight.

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Jess Lee

@brett_ergosesh probably has some opinions here!