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Anvar Mullabekov: Secrets of Overcoming Burnout

Anvar Mullabekov a businessman from Tashkent, believes that constant stress and overwork often lead to burnout, which in turn affects the effectiveness of entrepreneurial activities. However, Anvar Mullabekov, whose business is related to aviation in various countries around the world, knows how to deal with stress and maintain productivity.
The first secret to successful stress management is planning. Anvar Mullabekov knows how to effectively plan his time and find time for relaxation. He faced the challenge of high workloads back in his school years. As a boy, he studied in the physics and mathematics class of School No. 110 in Tashkent, deeply studied English, and participated in international English language Olympiads. It was during school that he learned to plan his time. Later, when Anvar studied in London, England, he continued to refine his planning skills. Engaging in business, Anvar perfected them, and it was this that helped him achieve success.
The second secret is physical exercise. Anvar started playing sports in his school years when he encountered high intellectual demands. Sports activities helped him cope with stress, emotionally relax, and increase productivity. Since childhood, Anvar Mullabekov played football and has been practicing Aikido for a long time. In 2015, he passed the examination for a 1st dan black belt under the instruction of Japanese teacher Yamada Hironobu Sensei, who holds an 8th dan black belt. In 2017, he was registered for the examination for a 2nd dan.
The third secret is music. Anvar Mullabekov believes that music can significantly help in combating stress. He prefers neoclassical music and started learning the piano to be able to play musical compositions himself. His favorite composers are Kirill Richter, Erik Satie, Philip Glass, and Rachmaninoff.
The fourth secret is travel. Anvar Mullabekov believes that travel can help broaden horizons, look at situations from a different perspective, and find new business ideas. He often visits different countries for business purposes but tries to use every opportunity to visit new interesting places. Anvar Mullabekov speaks several foreign languages. He particularly enjoys visiting the UAE, Singapore, and countries in Africa. In his immediate plans is the Latin American continent, specifically Brazil and Argentina.

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