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Short definition of FaaS

FaaS is described as a cloud computing service that allows you to execute code in response to events.

FaaS is using a serverless framework. Let's explain that really quickly. A server is a computer or a device that provides programmable service to another computer program. A few server types: database, app or web. So, in the most basic definition possible, serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model where the cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources, abstracting away the need for developers to manage servers.

Let's continue with the definition of Faas and rembember that a function in programming is a reusable block of code that performs a specific task or computation. It takes data, process it and responds. This happens the same way using FaaS, developers create code that responds to specific events or triggers, and the cloud provider dynamically allocates resources to execute that code in response to those events. Devs will only need to manage the application and focus only on code, everything else (data, servers, networking, etc.) will be handled by the cloud provider. Developers don't have to deal with managing servers directly nor any other resource.

In Azure we have Azure Functions while Amazon has AWS Lambda and Google has Google Cloud Functions.

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