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Have you tried using JŌTAI with React yet?

In this video we're going to explore the Jōtai library!

In the ReactJS ecosystem you've got so many state management solutions to pick from. You've got useState, useReducer, context API, recoil, redux, zustand, and so many more!

Jotai provides a very simple minimalistic API and focuses on composing "atoms" as a bottom-up model/approach to managing state in a frontend application.

Jotai is pronounced "joe-tie" and means "state" in Japanese.

I'll be walking you through a basic ReactJS tutorial of Jotai as well as some notes on my own first impressions of using the library.

Have any of you used Jotai in production? What are your thoughts about it?

Code with me and let me know what you think!

If you're interested, I also recently made content on Zustand, another approach to state management from the same authors as Jotai.

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