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Marisol Aranda
Marisol Aranda

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SOOOO.. I learned something!!!

About a month ago or so i decided I needed to learn new skills and one of those skills had to be coding. I had no clue where to begin. But, I decided to take a class and learn the basics! Today is literally my very first day of this course; well technically no, not the first day. I am doing pre-work for this course and in this pre-work i learned about and many other sources of information. None that i ever heard of before; and that is my own fault...I haven't tried. I give up too easily. But here is a a new opportunity to learn and actually acquire these new skills. Wish me luck!!!! And thank you for the support in advance.

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Chidera Humphrey

You're highly welcome to the community.

Just take everything one at a time. Don't compare yourself with others.
Remember to always build projects with your newly acquired skills.

We are also looking to learn from you.

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George Johnson

Good stuff!

The only simple advice I can offer, as someone who's been a coder for over 30 years, find problems and start coding solutions! You won't solve every problem but I find the best way to keep advancing my skills is to keep solving problems as it forces you to keep learning lots of new things about coding.

Good luck and above all, make sure you enjoy it!

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Welcome to the community! If you are looking for advice, let me tell you: The best way to learn something, it's building this!
Enjoy the ride!