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Gist Interview - Programming questions simulator

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</> Gist Interview

</> Gist Interview is an application built with ReactJS and for any person or company to use to simulate programming questions by simply creating and populating the "db.json" file with its Gist-IDs and at the end generating a dashboard.

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Gif Example

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First, clone the repo via git:

git clone https://github.com/mariorodeghiero/react-gist-interview.git your-project-name

And then install dependencies with yarn.

$ cd your-project-name
$ yarn

Note: If you can't use yarn, run npm install.


Install json-server:

$ npm install -g json-server

Start the file "db.json":

$ json-server --watch db.json --port 3001

Example file "db.json"

Open a new tab in the current directory and start the app in the dev environment:

$ npm run start


$ yarn start

After run, the browser open window automatically at http://localhost:3000/


Run the command below to deploy, minimizing All Files.

$ npm run build


$ yarn build


I created this application to test and share knowledge acquired in the studies on ReactJS and also so that any person or company can use to simulate questions about programming, simply creating and populating the file "db.json" with the respective Gist-ID.
If you liked this project, contribute improvements or give me a star ⭐️ on GitHub.

I hope you like ✌️

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Very good program.
I would have a look at it and talk about it at my company in order to interview potential new members.


Cool! Your company only needs to create its own gists, I believe it will be a very nice experience for the interviewee.
Thank you!